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A general knowledge of locker hooking is assumed before you start some of these these projects. There is a wonderful instructional booklet and a DVD available with tips and techniques for the novice that will get you up to speed on Locker Hooking and you will be able to tackle any project.

Locker Hooking is said to have started in Great Britain in the 1920’s using six-ply rug wool.  The art came to the USA in the 1940’s still using the wool but recently became very popular using cotton fabric strips.   The fabric method makes the craft much easier to hook and shows the coloring better.

Locker Hooking 101 Instructions

Locker 101 Booklet

The instructions has all the information and photos to get you started Locker Hooking.   if you want to get started, purchase the Locker Hooking 101 Kit.  The illustrations are of Vicki McKelvy doing her locker hooking technique that she has taught hundreds of quilters on how to turn their stash fabric into useful and lovely items.  You'll be able to make floor rugs, table runners, wall hangings and as many things your imagination can come up with after following the instructions.  Locker Hooking 101 is the way to get started on this great craft. On the back cover, you'll see a rug with a crocodile image on it.  This was done by just drawing the croc on a paper and laying the rug canvas over it and tracing the image with an ink marker.   Vicki has many Kits and supplies in this web site that you will enjoy. Vicki has shown many young girls and boys how to locker hook and they love it.

Pricing: $7.00

Locker Hooking 101 Kit

Locker Hooking 101 Kit Includes Rug Backing to make a 9″ X 9″ trivet,  Instructions,  4 ply 100% cotton yarn,  Sample fabric strips to showing how to attach them without sewing and a stainless steel Locker Hook.  You will need about 1 1/2 yards of fabric stripped up in 1 inch or smaller strips to make this project which are not included.  Once you have mastered the Locker Hooking technique, you will be able to move one to some wonderful projects that enhance any area that they are used.  The illustrations in the instructions are of Vicki McKelvy demonstrating her locker hooking method that she uses to teach quilters on how to use up their stash fabric.  This kit is great to teach young ones useful craft.  The Rug Canvas is the new size 4.0 and works great.  There is no sizing like the cotton canvas needed so it is soft to start.

Pricing: $16.95

Locker Hooking Rug Canvas 4.0 yard

This Locker Hooking Rug Canvas 4.0 is a new plastic rug canvas replacing the cotton canvas .  There are 4 holes per inch.  This canvas is much softer and easy to use.  I have run new canvas rugs through the washing machine and dryer and they hold up fine.     3/4″ cotton strips can be used as well as the 1″ strips.  The width of the strips depends on the material used.  The heavier the material, the thinner the strips.  The old cotton canvas had a lot of sizing in it that took a few washing and use to get it soft.  The new plastic is soft to start.  Also the canvas measures 58 1/2" but there is little selvage to remove making it very close to the same size as the cotton canvas.  Sold by the yard.  I have 27 yards on hand.   I can ship any amount but the largest single piece I can ship is 5 yards.

Pricing: $16.95 yard

Locker Hooked 4.0 Rug

The image is a 27" X 34" Locker Hooked 4.0 Rug that I hooked using the new rug canvas,  It was nice to use the soft canvas and still having the rug as strong as the old cotton canvas.  What matters is that the cotton strips locked together make the rug strong and not the canvas.  You should be able to get a lot more detail work using this 4.0 rather than the 3.3 canvas.


Locker Hooked Bags Instructions

Locker Bag Pattern

After you’ve learned the basics of Locker Hooking, these carry bags are fun to make and use. You can make them any size you want and any colors.  IMPORTANT: To use this pattern, you need a Basic Knowledge of Locker Hooking techniques and the materials required.  The materials needed are the rug backing, strips of fabric, yarn and a locker hook.

Pricing: $7.00

Locker Hook Steel

Locker Steel

A stronger Locker Hook made from stainless steel. You may want this Locker Hook because the heavier weight feels comfortable in the hand.

Pricing: $6.95

Blunt Tapestry Needle


These needles are use to finish the edges of you Lockere Hook project. They come two to a pack.

Pricing: $1.65 pair

General Locker Hooking Supplies