Longarm Quilting

10% labor discount on your first quilt project!

Personalized, face-to-face service for walk-ins.

Phone (208) 290-5197 or contact us online or e-mail – [email protected]. long-arm quilting

Basic Quilting

$0.017 per square inch

Edge to edge. A single pattern on the entire quilt (pantograph).

Basic Quilting Plus One Border Treatment

$0.020 per square inch

Edge to edge on the body of the quilt (pantograph). Border design in one border or over all borders.

Custom Quilting

$0.022 per square inch

Heavy quilting with many different set-in designs, small stippling, grid work, stitch-in-the ditch, custom designed patterns and artistic interpretive heirloom quilting using different threads throughout and any variation of these.

Backing Seams

$5.00 per seam stitched

Stitching each backing seam.


$0.005 per square inch ($30.00 minimum)

For hand quilter or home machine quilter. Easy, removable basting in rows 3" apart down the length of the quilt with stabilization of the sides.


$0.10 per lineal inch

Machine stitch French binding with mitered corners to front of quilt to allow you to turn and hand stitch to the backing to finish your quilt. Please add 20” to the binding measurement for mitering and attaching together.

Attaching Border to Backing

$0.12 per lineal inch

Hand stitching to backing.

Miscellaneous Prep Work

$20.00 per hour

Clipping threads, repairing seams, squaring up and pressing.

Batting Available

Hobbs 80/20, Warm & Natural 100% cotton, 100% wool and Polyester


Payment Terms

  • All quilts will have a written estimate.
  • A 50% deposit is required before beginning the job.
  • Final payment is required upon completion.
  • Pricing does not include the cost of batting. You can supply your own batting or purchase high-quality batting and fabric from Admit One Fabrics.
  • Total cost estimates may vary from the listed prices depending upon the amount of extra work required. There is a minimum charge of $30.00. Prices are subject to change without notice.

How to Compute the Stitching Costs

For Square Inches: Length inches X width inches = square inches X cost per square inch. Example: 90” X 108” = 9,720” X $0.017 = $165.24.

For Lineal Inches: Length inches doubled + width inches doubled = lineal inches X cost per lineal inch. Example: 2 X 90” + 2 X 108” = 396” X $0.10 = $39.60.


Give me a call (208 290-5197) or e-mail ([email protected]) for shipping instructions.