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Lazy Girl Designs

Joan Hawley, owner of Lazy Girl Designs and designer of the Flying Geese Books and rulers that use a No Math system in making flying geese units. This is another of the KISS systems (Keep It Simple Seamstresses). Her excellent book and rulers come with instructions and the book has many patterns. Try them once and you’ll love them.

Lazy Girl Designs Book Flying Geese & More

Lazy Girl Designs Flying Geese and Moore Book

Make a block or a flock of flying geese with this step by step guide to 150 flying geese block designs. This book is based on making flying geese using the Flying Geese x 4 No math ruler.This book gives you a quick and easy way to make Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles, Quarter Square Trianglees, Quarter Square Geese and Triple Tri Squares. NO MATH, NO TRIANGLES TO CUT, NO WASTED FRBRIC, NO BIAS EDGES, NO TEMPLATES AND STRIP CUT PIECES.  I have one book in stock.

Pricing: $18.95